IVATA 2017

Rules & Information

1) The organiser reserves the right to refuse entry to non-trade visitors and minors below 18 years old.

2) Strictly NO Cigarettes and Tobacco products are allowed

3) Dress code:

Dates Programmes Dress Code
6th April 2017 Conference Business or Smart Casual

Strictly NO Shorts, Bermudas and Slippers allowed

7th April 2017 Conference
8th April 2017 Exhibition Casual Attire
9th April 2017 Exhibition

4) Passes have to be worn at all times. Passes issued are strictly non-transferable. Identity checks will be conducted. Please bring along your passport/NRIC for security checks on the day of your visit. Visitors without a valid pass or who are found to have gained access with another person’s pass will be escorted out of the exhibition.

5) On conference day the usage of vaping is strictly monitored, please kindly vape in the area that is permitted, as below

Dates Programmes Strict Vaping Area Only
6th April 2017 Conference Vaping Area – Level 1 (Lounge Area only)
7th April 2017 Conference
8th April 2017 Exhibition Free and easy
9th April 2017 Exhibition

6) Please do not leave any baggage unattended; any such article found will be removed from the exhibition.

7) Our Visitor Information Counter is located at the Main Entrance Hall, Mines International Exhibition and Convention Centre. You’ll find a dedicated team ready to welcome you and help make the most of your time at IVATA’17.

8) All vendors and exhibitors are required to:
• Have proof of SSM
• Are to display all prices of items sold
• Sell only 0mg nicotine vape products

IVATA'17 International Vape & Tobacco Alternative
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